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The most curious but not as much asked question: Why are there vegetables in the Döner?

The Story...


It all started back in the 80`s when I begun in this ling of work.


Back then, the classic calf meat döner was very common and varieties such as chicken meat or any other options were rare or unfamiliar.


1996: A little joint in a garage entrance called Superhahn in Berlin Breitscheidplatz that’s were it all begun.


For my lunch breaks, I use to prepare fresh vegetables such as mixed peppers, aubergines, zucchini and more, which I use to combine with juicy lamb cutlets by grilling them. Most of the time there were always untouched leftovers of vegetables. Dumping was not an option for me, so I placed the mixed vegetables right beside the chicken on the front counter which then I served to my customers.


After a short period noticeable, more customers that were regulars inquired about the vegetables that I had served recently. At that point, I noticed that the mixed vegetables are much liked and the demand was increasing so I said to myself why not “Chickendöner with grilled mixed vegetables”.


At that point I made sure that the name of the joint “Superhahn” was replaced with “Mustafa`s Vegetable Döner” since it was my creation and idea.


And now the Feta cheese and Lemon...


Immediately after I had leased the empty store, which was located next door since, I wanted to avoid competition that it so close.


The previous owner had left lots of Feta Cheese and Lemons which resulted to….. Well I am sure you know by now the ending of that…. Dumping untouched food it not an option.


After many years, I ended up at Mehringdamm with a partner, which I brought on. Furthermore, the team had expanded due to the growth and the goal was to start up a Franchise. My vision was or everyone to know about “Mustafa`s Vegetable Döner”.


Today we are a successful family owned business owner since 1996. A lot of Love, Passion and Quality has been put into this beautiful invention.


Sometimes there is much more in a Döner as it looks.

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